Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cup of Care

I have been holding onto this vintage metal cup for some time now just waiting on the perfect assemblage.  I used the definition of the word care from a vintage Thesaurus and after coloring the page, cut strips of it and weaved the pieces into the nest that the little girl sits in.  She is caring for the eggs with a pretty serious look on her face.  As I usually do, I used the actual cabinet card instead of a copy.  I feel that this actual photo makes the piece more authentically vintage/antique.  There are many times when I will only use a copy of the actual cabinet card or photo.  It just depends on what I am making; an assemblage, a collage etc. 
This piece is going to be a gift to someone who has helped me and cared for me since the death of my son.  It's just too cute and too special to sell.  I think she will like it as much as I do and I love to give gifts of my art to those who I love.  Much better than a store-bought item, don't you think? 

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